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Public Financial Management

We have helped governments improve public financial management and advance thought leadership on approaches to overcoming policy and institutional constraints to competitiveness, socioeconomic development, and poverty reduction. Our experience in a wide range of transformational environments provides us the necessary context to foster efficient and effective financial management systems, results-driven budgeting, transparent and accountable public expenditure management, contributing to broad-based, sustainable economic growth.

Big Data Analytics

This “data revolution” requires greater collaboration between the public and private sector to share information and improve evidence-based policy-making and planning. STRAP recognizes that this cannot be achieved through business as usual. New partners, new approaches and even new sources of data are needed. Using the power of Big Data, STRAP has helped governments, to track progress and make sure their decisions are evidence-based to strengthen accountability and bring transparency in its operations.

Innovation & Technology


Innovation driven growth is no longer the prerogative of high income countries alone. Developing countries have achieved significant economic growth through the creation and deployment of innovative technology solutions. STRAP has supported governments in bringing accountability into the PFM systems through designing and developing MIS, integrating systems, and advising them in introducing, or modernizing alternate payment mechanisms for efficient and transparent service delivery to the poorest of the poor communities.

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President’s Visit to East Africa and South Asia

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(October 2018, Washington DC) STRAP’s President Agha Hussain was in East Africa on a one month’s visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda and to South Asia, Pakistan, before returning to the United States. Mr. Hussain was...


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(June 2018, Washington DC) Maria Agha from STRAP was invited to attend the BUILD AMERICA Summit with the theme: Solutions to BUILD AMERICA, at the Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building. This summit was a great...

Summit for Success (American Express)

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(June 2018, Washington DC) STRAP President and CEO Mr. Hussain attended the most well organized American Express hosted the event, in DC. The attendees included representatives from large companies, government organizations, and contractors with subject matter experts,...

STRAP President’s Visit to East Africa

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(May 2018, Washington DC) Mr. Agha Hussain (President, STRAP Consulting) concluded his visit to East Africa this month. He was on the World Bank’s technical missions to Kenya and Ethiopia. In Kenya (Nairobi), Mr. Hussain presented the proposed...

Invitation to the First US and UK SME Dialogue

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(March 2018, Washington DC) STRAP was invited to attend an inaugural U.S.-UK Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Dialogue under the auspices of the U.S.- UK Trade and Investment Working Group, in Washington DC.  The SME Dialogue...

Applied Research Pilot by USAID

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(March 2018, Washington DC) STRAP was invited to attend USAID’s Launch of the Small Business Applied Research Pilot in DC USAID office, presenting the Small Business Applied Research (SBAR) Pilot projects. SBAR, a field-based initiative seeking solutions...

Emerging Forms of Development Alliances – SID DC

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(March 2018, Washington DC) During USAID’s Global Partnerships Week (GPW), this chapter event explored how partnerships and alliances are shifting in a changing world. STRAP attended the event where panelists discussed who are new stakeholders,...

Applying Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health Finance

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(January 2018, Washington DC) HFG associates presented Advances in Health Finance and Governance, DRM trends, challenges, and outcomes of HFG project at the Washington Learning Center. Most prominent ABT Associates’ Economists, Advisors, and Research Fellows recognized...