FM Support for the National Safety Net Program (NSNP), Kenya
Financial Year: 2017 - ongoing
Client: The World Bank
Type: Operations, Technologies Description: NSNP is the flagship social safety net program of GoK co-funded by GoK, The World Bank, WFP, and DFID. The World Bank is also providing technical assistance to the government in implementing the project. In the second phase of the project, we have been engaged to monitor the implementation of the Consolidated Action Plan (CAP), developed to mitigate the fiduciary and operational risks of the project. The CAP has short, medium and longer term measures needed to strengthen the overall fiduciary controls in the program. Another main objective of the assignment is to provide necessary technical assistance to enable the Government in reconciling funds transferred against payrolls and its actual disbursement by the commercial banks.
Audit & Assurance Services, VA USA
Financial Year: 2016 - ongoing
Client: AAL Ltd, CPA
Type: Project Management & Support Description We are providing Audit and Assurance services for ongoing engagements with various Federal Agencies including NASA and the United States Postal Services and proposal writing support for Federal Contracting.
Public Accounting Support, MD USA
Financial Year : 2016 - ongoing
Client: Premier Group Services, CPA-MD US
We are providing to Premier Group, services relating to public accounting, project management, and Management Consulting.
USAID Clean Energy Pakistan Economy (CEPE), Pakistan
Financial Year: 2017 - ongoing
Client: Tetra Tech Inc US
Type: Project Management & Support Description Tetra Tech Inc. has been awarded a $ 70 million CEPE USAID-funded project. Being the consortium partners we will be rendering project management & support during the project implementation.The project is intended to support the Government of Pakistan’s (GOP’s) efforts to increase the financially sustainable delivery of clean energy services to spur the economic and social development of the country. This will primarily be achieved through the strengthening of energy sector governance and policy framework so that it more effectively attracts and encourages private sector investment, and facilitates the commercialization/privatization of state-owned assets. CEPE will channel resources through four broad, interrelated Technical.  
Software Design Specifications (SDD) for Income Support for the Poorest Program, Bangladesh
Financial Year: 2017 - 2018
Client: The World Bank
Type: Technology Description As part of our continued technical assistance to ISPP since 2013, the project has now entered into its mobilization stage and we are supporting the technology team in developing the MIS for the project. Our team has developed the software design specification for the disbursement module and also supervising its development, testing.
Fiduciary Risk Assessment of the National Safety Net Program (NSNP), Kenya
Financial Year: 2017 - 2018
Client: The World Bank
Type: Operations, Technologies Description: NSNP is the flagship social safety net program of GoK co-funded by GoK, The World Bank, WFP, and DFID. The World Bank is also providing technical assistance to the government in implementing the project. We have been engaged by the World Bank to carry out a fiduciary assessment of the program with an objective of identifying areas for further improvement in the operations of NSP and suggesting a way forward comprising of actionable items with broad completion time lines for better accountability, reliability and improved transparency in the program.
Financial Year: 2015 - 2016
Client: The World Bank
The World Bank is supporting the modernization agenda as a gradual process towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of welfare service delivery. Given the Ministry of Social Empowerment and Welfare (MoSEW) predominant role in providing safety net services, the initial phase of the modernization process is focused on establishing the systems, processes and technological underpinnings at the ministry. We are reviewing the existing disbursement mechanisms of the cash transfers with a view to consolidating cash payments provided by the MoSEW, and the introduction of technology based payment mechanisms to bring efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the safety net program. We are also developing a roll-out plan to automate 1,074 branches of the Dvineguama Development Bank, which is the largest disbursement vehicle for the cash transfers. The assignment was undertaken by Mr. Hussain as an independent consultant with the World Bank.
Financial Year: 2014 - 2016
Client: The World Bank
Type: Strategy, Operations Description: The World Bank is providing USD 300 million in the first phase, for technical assistance and financing cash transfers. This is a long-term engagement to assist the project FM team in: development of a credible FM system, which allows smooth financial flows and tracking of all payments made to the project staff, vendors, and implementation partners such as BPO; and develop MoU between the Local Government Division (LGD) and Bangladesh Post Office (BPO) which clearly spells out the responsibilities of each entity in: setting up the compliance monitoring system (with investments by the project in developing the electronic infrastructure for enrolment and compliance monitoring at the local level); managing financial flows from LGD to BPO for timely cash transfers to the beneficiaries that are enrolled in the program and complying with the relevant co- responsibilities; and providing necessary controls at each level of financial transactions; and managing timely reconciliation of funds disbursed from Project Implementation Agency (PIA) to BPO, and then to the program beneficiaries. The assignment is undertaken by Mr. Hussain as an independent international consultant with the World Bank, Washington head quarters.
Financial Year : 2014 - 2015
Client: World Bank
Type: Strategy, Operations, Development Sector Description: The project consists of two main components: I. Immediate Safety Net Recovery support– To provide Cash Transfers (UCT) for 6 months to cover basic and subsistence needs of the families when they return home. This would ensure consumption smoothing and provide support to people till they restore their livelihoods II. Co-responsibility Cash Grants Child Immunization – This Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) will be linked to comprehensive child immunization package including Polio for the affected families. This will encourage long term improvements in children’s health and support overall human development outcomes for the affected region. We are providing support to the design team in finalizing the financial management and institutional arrangements with the Economic Affairs Division (EAD) – GoP. The assignment is undertaken by Mr. Hussain as an independent consultant with the World Bank.
Financial Year : 2002 - 2015
Client: LEAD Pakistan
Type: Strategy, Operations, Technologies, Development Sector Description: Advisory services at the pre-bid submission stage includes methodology formulation, budget preparations, proposal conceptualization and review, negotiations with the donor till financial close and at the post award stage; review of the project design and implementation, financial reporting, project burn rate, project cost charging methodology, adherence to ADS / FAR regulations (For USAID funded projects) and relevant guide lines from the donor. Advisory services rendered on various projects undertaken directly or while representing other clients, are here under: – CDKN, PricewaterhouseCoopers, UK (Climate Data Knowledge Network) ENI Pakistan – Bhit Rural Support Program (BRSP) USAID (ASP) – Assessment and strengthening Program (pre award proposal submission in association with Aid, LEAD and GHK) Packard Foundation – Women Leaders for Reproductive Health and Development (WLRHD), Packard Foundation – Leadership and Reproductive Health Project (LRH) Care International – Stimulating Hope in District Buner, NWFP Asian Development Bank – Promoting Climate Change and Adaptation in Asia & Pacific Sindh Education Foundation – Rural Base Community Supported School The World Bank – Improving Quality, Access and Governance in Education (in collaboration with GET GmbH/ICON-INSTITUTE, LEAD Pakistan and Proman SA) British High Commission – The Roles & Capacities of Actors in Water Conflicts in Pakistan: A Mapping Study RAF – Maternal and Newborn Health Programme Research USAID (JOBS)– Integrated Work and Learning Programmes for Pakistan Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (HBF) – Copenhagen Climate Change Summit IDRC – Entrepreneurship Education through School based productive enterprises Oxfam Novaib – Disaster Response Network-Balakot (DRN-Balakot) USAID- Education Sector Relief Assistance.