Defense Tech Expo 2017

(Dec 2017, Washington DC) STRAP was invited as a small business to attend a networking conference, training to work with the Navy for 2018 at the Holiday Inn Capitol by the Smithsonian Museums at the Congressional Ballroom. Other small businesses included women owned, veteran owned and CBE certified Disabled veteran-owned small businesses who are planning to develop their capabilities and preparing to solicit for opportunities in the Navy, the largest procurers for US.

Presentations were made by Jamie Bratten, CEO, EZGovOpps

Navy Marine Corps Forecast, Tom Johnson, Publisher, Set Aside Alert, Navy Sales Insights for Small Business Execs, Joe Murray, former Sr Account Manager, Navy/Marines/Air Force, Xerox, Planning for Success, Delivering Solutions to the Navy, Amato Stellato, Business Development VP Business Development Strategies for Navy/Marines. More invited guests were Emily Harman, CPCM Director, Department of the Navy Office of Small Business Programs, Rob Carey, Former Chief Information Officer, U.S. Navy, Currently Vice President, Cybersecurity, Cloud and UC Solutions at General Dynamics, Ed Shapiro, US Navy Account Executive, McAfee, , Kyle Beagle, Procurement Analyst, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory,

Austin Johnson, Small Business Program Manager, USMC Quantico, Stanley C. Daise Director, Small Business Programs, U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters, Christopher Jones, Deputy Small Business Program Manager, NSWC Carderock, U.S. Navy

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