Global Innovation Lab USAID

(Sept 2017, Washington DC) STRAP partnered and collaborated with other International businesses with cutting edge and Innovative programs and solutions at the GIW 2017. The event was attended by over 500 partners and partner hosted USAID #GIW2017 brought the Development Industry’s best to USAID Global Innovation week for two days extensive workshops, Seminars, Learning and partnering for collaboration in Innovation.

Evidence and Innovation Day- The first day started with remarks from USAID Executive Director and Administrator, continued to showcase and discuss the “Evidence and Evaluation with the US Foreign Assistance”, where discussion over the need for a focus on results and cost-effectiveness and the use of evidence and evaluation in U.S. foreign assistance was discussed. Throughout the event, the leading policy figures in the development sector emerged to collaborate for innovative direction and purpose.

Scale and Impact Day – The second day started off with a ted talk style panel “From Defense to Development” where this interagency-focused discussion was intending to generate discussion and action within the development community to “mind the gaps” in development support to traditional and non-traditional interagency partners in preventing or combating violent extremism, hoping to spark ongoing research and dialogue looking for innovative practices, products or methodologies that contributed to US National Security goals and objectives through highlighting previous successes, current opportunities and a brief over-the-horizon look at refining development efforts in multi-agency CVE/NPE activities.

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